Our Programs

Toddler Program

Two independent classrooms have been crafted to provide children the opportunity to learn in a structured environment.

Classrooms are organized by areas where children can explore Sensorial, Practical life, Science, early Math and Literacy activities.


The classroom allow daily interaction of children. Teachers observe, model and step in, if necessary, to guide the flow in the classroom. They provide expressive elements in both languages, assisting children to find the words to express their feelings appropriately. The children at this stage begin to understand their own responsibility for their shared environment and the community.


Music and movement are integrated on the daily routine, however specific classes are provided to ensure these activities have the opportunity to flourish in the children’s life Music both in Spanish and English as well as Art, Meditation and Cooking time are fundamental part of the school curriculum.

Parents are welcomed to participate in these evening activities to enhance the experience and learn the Montessori principles along with their children.

Two’s Program

Following the Montessori philosophy the environment has been designed to enhance freedom of choice and independence: The classroom is organized by areas with Practical Life, Sensorial, beginning Math, Science and pre-literacy shelves. Additionally our classroom offer a well-developed art area, and a research and media space for self-directed projects.

Materials on every curriculum shelf are attractive and easily accessible, allowing children to have freedom of choice and master self direction. The bathroom environment is prepared to allow children as much independence in the process of toileting as possible.


At the Pouch, learning is an ongoing process of self-construction within a social context. Community is established throughout the day during work time when children are free to work together or independently and encouraged to resolve their differences on their own.

Teachers help children develop self-care abilities by modeling rather than instructing. For instance teachers participate in mealtimes rather than simply monitoring feeding thus modeling appropriate lessons of grace and courtesy.

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Music Together
English program





Universal PK-3

Universal PK-3 offered at the Pouch starting Sept 2024.

Daily Schedule M-F from 8:00-2:40pm.