About the School

Our Mission

At the Pouch, we prepare children to be resilient, creative and independent problem solvers. We build a supportive community of parents passionate about their children’s needs and education. We promote a culture of respect and appreciation for the environment.

Our Facilities

Three independent classrooms with curated play equipment to provide children the opportunity to learn in a structured environment.

Classrooms are organized by areas where children can explore Sensorial, Practical life, Science,  Math and Literacy activities.


Our research-based Music Together® classes includes award-winning music and developmentally appropriate activities that benefit our children’s creativity and self-expression while increasing their confidence.


The Pouch has a capacity for 12 students enrolled full time. Our small student-teacher ratio allows a personalized approach and dedicated attention.

School activity schedule


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Music Together
English program




Cooking /
Discover the city

Our Values

Respect for the Child’s Interest

At the Pouch we help developing the building blocks for a life of learning. We believe that the process of learning is as important as the contents learned. Our children learn to focus their attention on an interest and through this active engagement they discover the joy in learning.

Freedom within Limits

At the Pouch we recognize the importance of each child’s physical and emotional early experiences. We envision a generation of resilient children flexible in their thinking, able to cope with their emotions and ready to do things differently for the good of the community.

Love for the Community

The environment at the Pouch is based on a platform of trust and respect. We foster self-worth in children by giving individualized guidance and enhance collaboration between students as a way of solving problems.

Our Story

Bilingual Montessori Pouch was founded in 2018 by Mariana and Lou Santome who together envisioned a daycare setting in Harlem that would provide the basis for a change in mainstream early childhood education in the area.

The School intends to build a network of working parents committed to the education and development of their children whilst providing an innovative bilingual program that combines key aspects of Montessori education and Music Together curriculum with the best practices of current child education.