Bilingual Montessori Daycare

A diverse and enthusiastic community of learners, where everyone is united in the important task of giving our children the best beginning education possible.

We offer children an innovative Bilingual program that combines key aspects of Montessori education with the best practices of current child development research.

 Now enrolling for September 2024 

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Children have a natural love for learning

At The Pouch we help children learn how to learn. Our Montessori approach enriched with the Music Together curriculum, allow our children to explore the world through their senses; in doing so, they become intrinsically motivated to learn new things throughout their lives.

One of the things that make The Pouch such a special place is how close we are as a community.

Here at The Pouch, We: Parents and Educators are fully committed to our role as nurturing the immense potential within each child.